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From: Oregon Bear
Subject: He Came Over For A Beer, Part 3This story contains graphic descriptions of gay adult male to male sex. If
you are offended by this topic, or it is illegal for you to read this,
please leave this site. He Came Over For a Beer, Part 3 After Tom had taken me in my ass for the first time, his butt
cheeks clenching tight and hard, as he pushed his cock deep inside of me,
shooting his cum deep into my ass, we held each other tight, our chests
still sweaty, still heaving from our fucking there on the porch, the warm
summer air humid and close. His hairy chest clung wet against my fur, bits
of my strands of cum sticking to the hairs, smearing into a funky, sticky
goo across our bellies and the thick nest of fur surrounding our spent
Tom grinned, chuckling a bit as we pulled away from each other a
bit, to give each of us a little more air, a little more space to catch our
breath, letting our gasps and moans of lust fall silent against the warm
evening air.
"I've never done that before," Tom whispered, his cheeks blushing a
bit, as he put words to some of his lust, some of the hot fucking we had
just enjoyed with each other.
"You filled up my ass real well, young man," I said, moving my hand
down to his now spent, cum-covered cock, my fingers caressing his manhood,
and cupping his newly drained balls.
His nuts felt heavy and damp in my fingers and my palm, and the
fire of his lust still burned a bit. We were not done with this evening of
rutting and lust, and I knew my lover would soon rise to the occasion of
dancing and thrusting his hips, eager to climb his mountain again.
My moustached lips kissed and sucked on his still-hot nipples, and
I rubbed my other hand through the drying sweat and cum smeared across his
muscular, black haired chest. I breathed deep, inhaling the hot sweat of
his wet armpits, and the day's mixture of field dirt, freshly cut hay, and
the rich yeasty cum we had just shot from our cocks. His aroma was rich,
musty, and carrying the sweet smell of a hot summer's day on tanned skin.
I could have stayed in his arms for another hour, or until our
cocks hardened again, and we rolled around on the deck, searching for yet
another position to open our thighs and our mouths and our asses, until we
again became the creature with four arms and four legs, rolling and
thrusting and moaning. Yet, our stomachs growled, and we both realized we
were ready for dinner.
Sighing deeply, almost with regret, Tom finally rolled away from me
and slipped his shorts back on, hiding his thick, barely explored cock from
my eyes once again.
"Come on. Let's get dinner on the table. I want a taste of your
first harvest of corn almost as much as I want to taste your cock again,"
Tom said, chuckling a bit, rising to a new level of comfort with his
neighbor, his lover.
I'd realized then, that Tom and I were going to be together for a
long time. He was a natural lover, and already, he was relaxed and happy
when we were together. We'd only fucked a couple of times in the last
week, and already, we had slipped into a level of ease, of intimacy, that
I'd only imagined in my dreams. And, I knew I was Tom's first man, and
that it wasn't an easy thing for a man to finally realize that being with
another man could be the best experience a guy could have in love. After
all, a man should know how to please another man's cock. He's been
studying his own for his whole life.
Soon, the corn was boiling on the stove, and the steaks were
sizzling on the barbeque. Lolita Model
I poured us a hearty glass of wine and set the
rest of the bottle on the table, next to the salad, a good representation
of a lot of the lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes from my garden.
Tom had baked a small loaf of his famous sourdough bread, and we dove into
the feast, soaking up the juices from the Lolita Model steak with the bread, and
enjoying the wine.
We laughed and told stories on ourselves, sharing tales of
embarrassing and intimate moments in our lives, and funny events we'd never
shared with each other, when we were just neighbors. Now that we had
shared our cocks and our lustful thrusts, and explosions of our seed
against each other's sweaty, lusty flesh, we had no secrets to hide.
Perhaps the wine helped, but the warm summer evening and the good, simple
food of two country farmers sharing a good day brought us both into a mood
for sharing, of Lolita Model
real intimacy.
I brought out a fresh strawberry rhubarb pie I had baked that day,
topped off with some homemade ice cream and some iced coffee, and we sat on
the porch swing, watching the final glimmers of the sunset behind the tall
western mountains on the other side of the valley. A jet trail shined
against the last rays of the sun high above the mountains, and we wondered
what it was like for the passengers in the plane that evening, and what
adventures they were on.
"They are missing the best, though," Tom said. "The best of the
day is right here. The best food, the best of life, the best lover."
It was my turn to blush. No one had ever claimed I'd ever been
their best lover before, even though, like any guy, I'd always tried to
rise to the occasion any time I was fucking someone. Yet, Tom made that
claim so openly, even innocently. He was so matter of fact, and I fell
even deeper in love with this man.
We lingered there, slowly swinging, watching the last Lolita Model
glimmers of
the sunset, watching the day turn into night, naming the first stars coming
out in the deep blue black of the start of the night sky. The heat of the
day was waning, and the evening air was perfumed by the sweet smells of the
honeysuckle and the climbing rose on the trellis. A second Lolita Model
cup of coffee
and a shot of my special hazelnut liqueur added the final touch to our
evening meal.
Tom moved one arm around my shoulder, rubbing his thick, calloused
hands against the muscles in my neck and shoulders. I moved my hand across
his thigh, feeling the coarse hair of his bare leg, and the hardness of his
quadriceps, and the tender skin of his inner thigh, close to his large,
rich balls in their furry sack. My tongue wettened, remembering how I held
his balls in my mouth, feeling the thick hairy skin of his ball sack, Tom's
thick, hard cock stiff against my nose, its fat juicy cockhead red and
enflamed in front of my eyes. I remembered his moanings, his lust, as I
played with his balls with my tongue and my lips, feeling his balls rise
against his hard cock, ready to burst long ropes of cum, splashing his seed
against our chests.
My hole twitched, still feeling his manhood plunge deep inside of
me, hard and thrusting, as he filled me, rising me higher, until we had
both climaxed, gasping and sweating, gripping each other hard with our
hands, our thighs, and our arms.
And yet, I wanted something different tonight, something special.
And, I thought Tom was ready for this new step.
As if he was reading my mind, Tom looked over at me, a question
building deep across his forehead, across his tanned cheeks, across the
newly curled whiskers of his week old beard.
"I need to ask you something, partner," he said quietly, his voice
breaking the slow warm silence of the evening on the porch.
"Ask away. I'm pretty easy," I laughed.
Tom laughed, too, and I saw some of the anxiety fade from his face.
"I'd like to ....well, when we do it again tonight, I'd....I'd like
you to take me .... Take me in the ass."
He looked away, across the valley and over to the mountains, his
cheeks reddening a bit, as if he was a bit embarrassed about Lolita Model what he'd just
asked of me.
"I'd been thinking of that myself," I answered. "Good men thinking
alike, again."
My hand moved up his thigh a bit, onto the leg of his shorts, up on
to where the cloth tightened, tight against his balls, and the outline of
his cock. His cock had stiffened a bit, and there was a damp spot against
where his cockhead lay underneath the thin denim of his shorts. My fingers
felt the heat from his balls, and I Lolita Model
rubbed my finger along the length of
his cock, feeling him firm and hardening, even as I felt him.
"We'll take it slow, Tom. No rush. I'm not as big as you, anyway,
so you won't have a problem taking me all the way inside of you."
Tom nodded, turning his head back to me, taking me in with his
steel blue eyes, sparkling a bit in the soft light coming through the
window from the living room.
"I know. I know you will. And, I've waited my whole life for
this, for you," he said.
We sat Lolita Model
there on the porch swing for a bit, letting our words soak
in, letting the idea of finally being with the lover you always wanted sink
in. I sighed, letting out a deep breath, a breath that I'd been holding
for quite a while.
"My thoughts exactly, Tom," I whispered. "I've finally found the
man I've always dreamed of, and I never thought I'd find."
And, so, after a few minutes, we moved inside, and I took Tom's
hand, leading him into my bedroom, and held him close to me, feeling the
heat rise from his chest, feeling soft breath on my face, my neck, as I ran
my fingers across his moustache, across his beard, and down the front of
his shirt, feeling the strong muscles of his chest and his belly, and the
hardness of his cock and balls. And, as I cupped his balls and slowly
stroked his cock through his shorts, I felt my breath come fast. Tears
spilled from my eyes, tears of joy and excitement. At last, here was the
man of my dreams, a man willing to share everything with me, to join with
me, in union, in being part of my life, in being truly my lover.
Blinking away the tears, I looked into Tom's face, and saw his
tears running down his cheeks, and into his beard.
"Yeah, I know. I know," he whispered, his fingers moving slowly to
the top button of my shirt, and he began to undo the button, and begin our
new life.Copyright 2009. Oregon Bear
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